Playboi Carti stopped by Hot 97 for a chat with Rosenberg, which touched on a variety of topics. Carti spoke about his friendship with A$AP Rocky, stating "I'm with him when I record in Atlanta...When I'm not in Atlanta, I'm with Rocky. He curates and directs all my videos, he had the last say on my album."  Carti also reveals a visions of an ambitious career, with aspirations to get into the fashion and acting scenes. 

When conversation turns to influences, Carti represents the "Atlanta OGS" and cites Gucci Mane, Lil Wayne, Rocky, Kanye & Frank Ocean as notable influences. "Coming from Atlanta," he says. "It's every dude's dream to meet Gucci."

While he has a crib in LA, Carti finds it difficult to record there, due to the numerous distractions. When he wants to focus, Carti has to head back to the studio in Atlanta. The talk remains amicable, and unlike Ebro, Rosenberg seems to respect the new movement. When he brings up the "real hip-hop head" disapproval of the new era, Carti claims to ignore it. "I respect the old heads a lot," he says. "My dad was a big 2pac fan, my mom from Brooklyn she a big Jay-Z, Nas [fan]...Gotta respect that." 

Check out the whole interview below, as well as our OTCU with Carti.