While it may not have been the biggest hit right off the bat, Playboi Carti's Die Lit is actually one of the most replayable albums of the entire year. It will likely be an inclusion on many year-end lists as Carti has seemingly come to form this year. We've all been waiting for him to finally arrive. Sure, he's been on the scene for a few years but his impact has been limited. It feels like the artist is finally here and now, he's heading towards his next project. 

Whole Lotta Red has been teased in the past and despite us not knowing when it will drop, it seems as though Carti may have a lot in store for us. During a recent tour stop in Seattle, Carti previewed two new songs that have very distinctive sounds. Complex noted that the tracks may not be shoe-ins for the upcoming album but with the rapper currently planning it out, it would make sense. He was likely gauging the crowd's reaction to see which song went harder.

Carti has been surprising this year as not many people expected Die Lit to have the lasting impact it did. Hopefully, his next album lives up to the hype. Have a listen to the unreleased material below.