Whole Lotta Red has grown on a lot of people after the new album from Playboi Carti was effectively thrown into the trashbin after the first listen on Christmas Day. Fans of the avant-garde Atlanta rapper were initially unsure how to react to Carti's new style, which brought us raging songs like "Sky" and "Slay3r". The hyper-pop and punk influences were clear on the album, which is finally getting praise on social media from Carti's picky fanbase.

The rapper has been relatively silent for the last three months, despite a couple of interviews that he's done where he's spoken about MF DOOM's influence on his character, as well as his work with Kanye West. Back in December, Carti teased the world by saying that he would be returning soon after the release of Whole Lotta Red with a deluxe copy. As you know, it still hasn't arrived and the ultra-hyped songs that went unreleased after leaks, like "Molly" and "Kid Cudi (Pissy Pamper)" remain on the shelf. That much could all change soon because the King Vamp is officially back, teasing another album on the heels of WLR.

"i waNT to BLeAch mORe WhITE to mY hAir," said the elusive artist on Instagram, posting new pictures in his Givenchy kit. "i waNt to DroP like RN."

That last bit recalls a statement the rapper made earlier in the week, making his first reference to an all-new album. "LeTs dr0p thiS new Album . w3 noT done," he wrote a few days ago.

According to some of Carti's associates on Instagram, the album is rumored to be titled Mollyworld. That much has not been confirmed.

Are you ready for more new music from Playboi Carti?