Playboi Carti has become one of the most elusive characters in all of hip-hop. For two years now, fans have been begging for Carti to follow up on the success of Die Lit, and for the most part, the artist has left fans wondering. His next project is supposedly going to be called Whole Lotta Redbut so far, we have gotten a whole lot of nothing. Aside from the single "@meh," Carti has been extremely quiet and refuses to give any sort of update on when the album might actually drop.

Sometimes, Carti will post photos on Instagram, which immediately leads to speculation that the album could very well be imminent. Most of the time, however, it is simply a false alarm that fans keep falling for. Well, today, Carti stans were duped once again as Carti posted photos to his IG story. In the end, it was confirmed that these were a part of a campaign with Givenchy.

Despite the reasoning behind the photos, it didn't stop fans from coming up with theories about what Carti was trying to convey. Some fans even decided to come up with theories, while others roasted Carti for his peculiar look and aesthetic in the snaps.

You can check out what people had to say about it, below.