Hopefully, the new album grows on everyone because, right now, it seems like people are pretty disappointed with the release of Playboi Carti's long-anticipated new album Whole Lotta Red.

After initially announcing the album two years ago, Playboi Carti continually juked his fanbase around with false promises and cryptic teasers about new music releases. The only song to release during the lead-up was "@ MEH", which received a mild reaction. Finally, at midnight, the Atlanta native released his follow-up to Die Lit, which is getting the same sort of reaction on social media.

For what it's worth, the album is still in its very early stages. Die Lit wasn't an instant hit -- it ended up reaching cult classic status after a few weeks on the market when everyone started realizing that Carti was truly the only person making this sort of music, while also making it sound so effortless. With Whole Lotta Red, diehard Carti stans are celebrating the album and calling the 24-track album a masterpiece from the jump. However, there is also a large corner of the internet trashing the product and calling it an "embarrassing" and "disappointing" release considering there were two years of hype.

Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

Let us know how you feel about the album during its infant stages. Did it live up to your expectations or are you a little upset?