Things are getting extremely messy amidst the beef involving Iggy Azalea, Playboi Carti, and his side-chick. Most recently, Iggy aired out her baby daddy and provided multiple receipts showcasing the foul behaviors he allegedly displayed since the birth of their son, Onyx. "This man was in Philly playing PS5 mid pandemic the day my son was born even tho it was a scheduled c section," she shared, emphasizing Playboi's unwillingness to sign the birth certificate of their son following birth.

Iggy also chimed in on the other woman caught with Carti, revealing that this was not the rapper's first strike cheating on her with the aforementioned third party. A 35-second video shows Iggy on Facetime, arguing with a woman, but not much else is perceived. Though she confirms via the caption of the video that it intends to display Iggy's friend kicking the sidechick out of Playboi Carti's crib. 

And now to add fuel to the fire, the sidechick involved in the drama has decided to pen a novel-length post offering her side of the story. Indeed, in the long Instagram story, the other woman alleges that she is not a side piece nor a homewrecker. She then goes onto adding that Playboi Carti confirmed he and Iggy Azalea were no longer together prior to anything unfolding between the two of them. Perhaps Iggy simply didn't get the memo? Either way, we will find out more as the story unfolds. See the post below.

Recent updates: In a series of consecutive Instagram posts and a quick live, Iggy Azalea has now responded to Playboi Carti's alleged sidechick. In the latter, Iggy claps back at the alleged side piece, whose name appears to be Brandi, through concrete rebuttals surrounding the other woman's knowledge of Playboi Carti's relationship status. As usual, the female rapper offers plenty of receipts for all to see, each accompanied with inflammatory and accusatory captions.