Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X are two of the most sought out gifts this holiday season. If you, like most people, were unable to get your hands on one of the new systems for the holidays, you may be in luck. Restocks of both systems are expected to hit between now and New Year's Day, so don't go spending that Christmas money elsewhere just yet!

Target is rumored to have PS5 restock shipments incoming, within December 27-29. Best Buy is also rumored to be restocking PS5's before NYE as well. Meanwhile, the Series X has been sporadically appearing at Targets across the US. If you are looking for an Xbox, the best advice would be to check Target around opening time each day, since they have been receiving night and early morning shipments of the Microsoft system. The Series S, which is less powerful and has less memory space, seems to be available at Best Buy and Target right now.

To stay up to date with PS5 stock, check these retailers. 

To stay up to date with Xbox Series X stock, check these retailers.