Sony has been relatively hush-hush with any announcements or developments regarding the upcoming PlayStation 5 but, this weekend, some leaked information suggested that it would be carrying a price of approximately $500.

According to a report from Bloomberg, manufacturing costs for the PS5 have reached $450, which means that if Sony wants to profit anything from the highly-anticipated gaming console, they will need to boost the price a touch. Their price-setting battle against Microsoft is being fueled by rumors of "costly parts" related to the flash memory. On top of the many rumblings we've heard about the console, this high price point would simply be a ball-park figure according to the source, who notes that anything around $470 is possible.

PS5 price rumors
Tomohiro Ohsumi/Getty Images

This would be the most expensive PlayStation model in recent memory, with Sony's current PS4 Pro going for $399. 

The PlayStation 5 will be revealed in time for the holidays, as well as Microsoft's Xbox Series X. If the price for the PS5 is actually going to reach the $500 mark, will you stick with your current console or is this an investment worth making? Let us know your thought process in the comments.

As further developments come regarding the unveiling of the PlayStation 5, we will continue providing you with updates.