2018 seems to be ending on a pretty bad note for Pleasure P. Although the Pretty Ricky member recently welcomed in another year of life yesterday, things didn't end on good terms. According to TMZ, Pleasure P was arrested for a DUI shortly after celebrating his birthday.

Yesterday marked Pleasure P's 34th birthday, but unfortunately, he ended up in the slammer shortly after celebrating another year of life. Pleasure P was arrested and charged with a DUI, driving with a suspended license, reckless driving and resisting an officer. He was released after he posted bail.

Interestingly enough, he may have predicted the outcome of his birthday earlier in the day. The singer took to Instagram to thank his fans for the birthday wishes while alluding that he was going to turn up that night. 

"Thank you all for the birthday wishes. my birthday started off a little slow which is whyi haven’t been posting the devil was trying to work, but i told his ass to go back to hell because i got some celebrating to do," he wrote. "I’m about to get the party started now more life."

Aside from his arrest, Pleasure P was among the many R&B singers who chimed in on the "King Of R&B" conversation thatJacquees sparked a few weeks ago. Although he applauded all the artists who got involved in the debate, he did want to remind his peers that "y'all not f**king with your n***a right here."