Back in January, Plies was caught driving the wrong way down a one-way street. After being pulled over and refusing to do blood, urine or breathalyzer testing, he was booked on a DUI charge and had his license suspended for one year due to Florida state law. 

New information has surfaced from TMZ, apparently the "Ran off on da plug twice" rapper has copped a plea deal in court and won't be facing any DUI charges. Instead, the charges have been reduced to reckless driving. The plea deal also says that he'll have to pay a $500 fine.

A month after his arrest, dashcam footage of the arrest surfaced the internet. The interaction between Plies and the police was tame, he did as he was told although he didn't look particularly enthusiastic about the situation (but who would?).

After news broke of his arrest, it was later found out through the police report that Plies was driving without a shoe at the time of his arrest.

After his arrest, Plies ended up bailing out for $500 and seemed to be back to making music and making hilarious videos for Instagram.

Back in July, Plies released his video for "Real Hitta" featuring another Florida-native, Kodak Black.

While Plies seems to have gotten off relatively easily on this case, let's hope that he ends up driving less recklessly once his license is back.