A debate has been launched on social media and this time it comes courtesy of Plies. The Florida rapper often takes to his Instagram and Twitter accounts to share his thoughts on all things related to pop culture and politics, and on Tuesday (February 16), Plies spoke on the need for women to get themselves together mentally before focusing on enhancing their physical traits.

"U Can Fix Your Ass, Your Titties, Your Teeth, Your Stomach, Your Waist, Your Eye Lashes, Your Nails, Your Toes, Your Hair, Your Nose Etc Etc. But If Yo Mind Still F*cked Up You’ll Never Be Happy!!!!!" he tweeted. Soon, people began to converse about the topic as opposing sides went back and forth with their points, causing Plies to return with a video update to his post.

"I had a conversation with my homegirl about ten, fifteen minutes ago. She wanna get all the surgery done, she wanna get her butt done, her chest done, her stomach flat, her waist small, her cheekbones, lips—the whole enchilada," the rapper said in the clip. "I told her do you know who you finna attract? She said, 'No.' I said, 'A ugly n*gga with some motherf*ckin' money.' A  ugly n*gga with some motherf*ckin' money. That's the only people you finna attract!"

Plies went on to say that an "ugly n*gga with money is the only one" who cares about body enhancements to that degree. "A handsome n*gga don't care about all this," he added. "You know who care about looks more than anybody in the world? A motherf*ckin' ugly n*gga. Ain't nobody care about looks more than a ugly motherf*cka. He know he ugly. He been ugly all his life."

He clarified that he's not hating on ugly men. "Find a female that has all this done and I guarantee standing beside her will be a motherf*ckin' ugly n*gga with some motherf*ckin' money." Plies explained that when ugly men acquire money they go after the women they believe to be out of their league. He also added that most men with money are ugly, and if that's what women want, there's nothing wrong with it.

Watch Plies hilariously explain himself below and let us know if you agree with him.