Following the release from the most anticipated album of the year, Drake's Scorpion, PnB Rock felt the need to justify himself and his new music.

The big gimmick of Drake's new album is that it's actually two albums, one rap, and one R&B. Of course, this isn't exactly a new concept in rap music. Artists such as Outkast and Danny Brown have experimented with double albums before, and Rae Sremmurd even came through with a triple album on their recent SR3MM.

Regardless, when Drake does something, people follow suit. Therefore, in order to help avoid the comparisons to Drake's album, PnB Rock issued this warning about his upcoming album, TrapStar Turnt PopStar.

"Before everybody say i stole it from drizzy ... trapstart turnt popstar is also a Side A Side B tape lol just like biggie and pac used to do *remember this tweet lol," PnB wrote on Twitter, yesterday.

Presumably, like Drake's project, PnB Rock will be experimenting with different styles on each side of the release. The most obvious being one trap album and one pop-focused album combined. We still don't know much about the project, other than that PnB Rock has claimed that he'll be releasing new music this July. But now fans can anticipate two heaping scoops of PnB Rock music when the project is finally released.

Are you excited to hear what PnB Rock has in store for this new project? Will Drake start a trend of rappers doing double albums? Let us know what you think.