Fans are still mourning the loss of XXXTentacion, who was murdered last summer, months after dropping his sophomore album ?. As it happens, the project featured a solemn ballad called "Changes," featuring X's friend and collaborator PnB Rock. Now, Rock has made sure to keep his "brother's" legacy alive through their music.

Alone onstage, PnB took to the keyboard to perform an intimate rendition of "Changes," his lone collaboration with the late XXXTentacion. It doesn't take long for the crowd to take over, singing the song's lyrics as one, all but drowning out PNB's own voice. While the support is admirable, it might have been all the more powerful to hear Rock's lone voice, mirroring the intimacy and vulnerability of the song. Still, such is the power of XXXTentacion, who continues to inspire fan loyalty to this day.

"It was hard asf to Play piano, sing, and look at the crowd at the same time, but I DID IT FOR my brotherJAHSEH," writes PnB, via IG. "I know he would be proud lol." It's not the first time PnB paid tribute to X; when the rapper first passed, Rock shared a behind-the-scenes video of their recording session, along with a heart-wrenching message. Be sure to check out the tributes, both new (above) and old (below).