In 2018, Adidas had Anime fans buzzing with excitement when they released the Dragon Ball Z pack. While some fans were underwhelmed by the designs, others were still excited that they'd be able to rep their favorite characters on their feet, courtesy of their preferred footwear brand. Thanks to some leaked images courtesy of @hugokickz on Instagram, it appears as though Adidas might be continuing their foray into Anime with a Pokémon collaboration. 

As you can see from the pictures, there are currently two models surfacing with both coming in a low top silhouette. One the outside of the shoe there is the three stripes logo, while on the inside, there is a Pokémon character stitched in. The two characters being featured so far are perhaps the two most iconic ones: Pikachu and Squirtle.

The upper of both sneakers is white and is filled with illustrations of the given character, while the tongue has a colored patch which is based on the Pokémon. For instance, the Pikachu version has a yellow patch, while the Squirtle version is blue.

For now, these shoes are just a rumor so stay tuned for updates as soon as we receive them. If these do end up releasing, it will be interesting to see which other characters will be featured.