Time sure does fly. It has already been two years since Niantic released the mobile game sensation Pokemon GO. Atlhough the hype has died down, to a certain extent, memories of hundreds of kids flooding the streets to "catch 'em all" are still fresh in our heads. When Pokemon GO dropped, it felt like everyone was playing the game. Kids were so distracted by their cell phones, they were walking into traffic and into other dangerous situations. Despite the gamers who lost their grip on reality, Pokemon GO was amazing for kids who never got out of the house. Instead of a game that rewarded children for staring at their television screen from their living room, Niantic created a game that encouraged going outside and traveling. Now, Niantic is gearing up to celebrate the two year anniversary of their breakthrough game. 

Pokemon GO's official Twitter released a new promotional image for their anniversary that hints at a generation four update. Along with several other Pokemon, the image includes Chimchar, Turtwig, and Piplup. Those three pocket monsters were the starter Pokemon from the Sinnoh region that was introduced in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl versions. Niantic has yet to release an official release date for the new Pokemon, but their annual Pokemon Fest takes place this month, so expect new Pokemon GO news very soon.