If you were a fan of the Pokémon saga in the mid '90s and early 2000s — seriously though, who wasn't! — chances are you've seen the epic cinematic adventure that was Pokémon: The First Movie. Now, over 20 years after its original release, Netflix will be rebooting the film with a new look for a more tech-savvy generation of Pokéfans.

Releasing under its original title from when it debuted in Japan circa 1998, Mewtwo Strikes Back: Evolution will see Ash, Misty, Brock, Pikachu and the mysteriously ominous Mewtwo each getting a CGI makeover, along with the rest of the Pokéworld, for an updated rendition of the film. The plot will remain the same, and it will be released to coincide with Pokémon Day 2020 which happens annually on February 27. While nothing can quite compare to the classic 2D graphics from Ash and the gang's Indigo League days, there's something really interesting about seeing Mewtwo's origin story reworked with realistic-looking visuals that is sure to get new and old fans of the iconic manga series excited all over again like it's 1999. 

Watch the trailer for Mewtwo Strikes Back: Evolution below, which will air on Netflix starting on February 27: