The phenomenon of Pokemon refuses to disappear. Every generation has a new Poke-thing to latch on to. The show, the cards, the gameboy games, Pokemon Go and now, apparently in support of the upcoming Pokemon Let's Go games, there will be a Pokemon Tamagotchi collaboration which will guarantee that kids (and a lot of anime-inspired rappers), will be glued to a bunch of little plastic eggs 24/7. 

The news broke on the Pokemon forum of had this information:

A leaked image from Japanese imageboards and Twitter have showcased a collaboration between Pokémon and the Virtual Pet game, Tamagotchi. At some point in the near future, a special Eevee Tamagotchi will be released. This comes in the form of the Tamagotchi Nano and allows for you to raise an Eevee and, based on your care, it will evolve into one of its eight evolutions. You can also get various different Eevee including one in a Team Rocket outfit and even a Ditto Eevee.

If the Tamagotchis are to accompany the release of the Nintendo Switch RPG (which comes out on November 16th), then expect an official release soon, if ever. See the leaked photo below, which looks surprisingly dated but cool nonetheless: