It took police in Texas a week to locate and arrest the prime suspect in the merciless killing of 7-year old Jazmine Barnes. The young child was seated in her mother's car, alongside her three sisters, when she was shot in the head unsuspectingly. Police believe Eric Black Jr. is responsible for the killing, albeit in a case of mistaken identity.

Eric Black was arrested after Texas Police looked into a tip they'd received from an informant who'd seen the composite sketch making the rounds.  Harris County Sheriff's Office released a statement overnight explaining the method with which they came to their conclusion - which also states that Eric Black confessed to taking part in Jazmine Barnes' killing, shortly after he was taken into custody without incident.

"I am grateful to our dedicated investigators, the partner law enforcement agencies that provided vital assistance, and tipsters from across the nation who pulled together to support our work to get justice for Jazmine," Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez was quoted saying. "Our work is not finished, but I believe the people of Harris County can take comfort in knowing we have made great progress."

Law Enforcement officials aren't finished collecting evidence in the case. Individuals with revelatory information are thereby encouraged to dial 713-222-TIPS or 713-221-6000 if they have anything of soluble details that would better their investigative efforts. Up until this point, witnesses were identifying a "40-year old White male" as the shooter they saw fleeing the scene.