Beyonce's performance of "Formation" during the Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show was praised by many as bold and necessary, though there was also a vocal faction that considered it to be racially charged in a manner that was offensive to law enforcement. Her dancers, dressed in Black Panther-inspired outfits, expressed solidarity to black victims of police violence, and parts of the "Formation" music video, such as when Beyonce lies atop a police car as it sinks underwater, seems to protest police brutality.

For this reason, certain police-led associations have taken issue with Beyonce and her allegedly anti-police music. That was the case on Saturday night (May 7), as a group called the Coalition for Police and Sheriffs (C.O.P.S.) held a small protest nearby Beyonce's "Formation" tour concert in her hometown of Houston. 

According to Houston's KHOU, the group of protestors gathered about a mile away from NRG Stadium, where the concert was being held. Apparently, it was a mostly silent protest, and the group's main tactic was reportedly to shine a large blue light in the direction of the stadium. 

In an interview last month with ELLE magazine, Beyonce explained that she has the utmost respect for police but that she is against police brutality. "Those are two different things," she said adamantly.