Blac Youngsta, a Memphis rapper signed to Yo Gotti's Collective Music Group, moves around with serious racks. He was the guy who, last month, bought back Shy Glizzy's chain for $10,000 from the local rappers who snatched it during a Memphis concert. Today, he withdrew $200,000 from a Wells Fargo in Atlanta, and as he was leaving the bank, he was detained by police and handcuffed against the ground.

It seems the police believed Youngsta had written a "bogus check" in order to obtain the $200,000. In any case, they thought Youngsta had his hands on some dirty money, which was enough to handcuff him at the scene and seize the entire sum. Or, in Youngsta's words: "They couldn't believe I was young, black, handsome -- handsome as hell -- and I was getting $200,000 out."

Youngsta posted a photo of himself being handcuffed to his Instagram. There are three officers pictured, but at least four police cars can be seen in the background. After he was let go, Youngsta was interviewed by 11Alive News Atlanta. Throughout the clip, he's seen holding $100,000, and he told the reporter that the cops, at the time, were still in possession of the other $100,000 -- "They doing an investigation on it." 

When asked why he needed to withdrew such a huge sum of cash, Youngsta responded, "I'm finna go buy me a vehicle. They got the new Mercedes Benz out, you know, like the Maybach? I was finna get one." In the aftermath of his encounter with the police, though, he might purchase a different model. 

"But they just really made me so mad, I don't even want one -- I might go buy a Ferrari now. I feel aggressive. I feel fast, you know." Or, he might not by a vehicle at all: "I might throw this [$100,000] in the strip club tonight, just 'cuz they made me mad." 

The reporter also wondered why he couldn't just write a check at the car dealership, and Youngsta proceeded to explain that he doesn't "believe in checks": 

"The thing is, I'm a rapper. I live my life, I don't believe in checks. I don't wanna go to the car lot with no check. My dream I always dreamed about was: going in the bank, gettin' a half a million out, and take it to the car lot, half a million -- puttin' the money on the desk. Like, 'Gimme that Ghost right there.'"