A protest turned into a volatile situation near the White House on Monday (June 22) between protesters and police. Multiple news outlets have reported that protesters convened at Lafayette Square outside of the White House and circled a statue of the seventh President of the United States, Andrew Jackson. Though he is revered in American history books, Jackson owned upwards of 300 slaves in his lifetime and was responsible for signing the Indian Removal Act, relocating Native and Indigenous peoples of America, resulting in the widespread death and disease in various tribes.

White House, Andrew Jackson, Protests, Statue
Chip Somodevilla / Staff / Getty Images

As tension rose, USA Today reported that White House staffers were asked to vacate the premises. At one point, protesters had secured the statue of Jackson with ropes and had even begun chanting to take it down, but police in riot gear showed up to stop the display. The police reportedly dispersed tear gas and pepper-sprayed people gathering. Another person reported that authorities were seen lining the roofs of surrounding buildings, and copters were circling overhead. Some protesters came face-to-face with police and many members of the press on-site suffered injuries.

The statue of Andrew Jackson still stands. Check out a few posts about the incident below.