According to CNN, an Ohio-based political group, that utilizes the same law firm as Kanye West's political campaign, is hitting two battleground states with misinformation. Common Sense Voters of America LLC, a Republican-allied law firm, is targeting Pennsylvania and Minnesota, both states that are expected to be major swing states.

Common Sense Voters is registered with the same law firm that West used to help get his name on ballots. The group sent out legitimate mail-in ballots, but included false information within them to possibly sway voters. Their Pennsylvania mailer falsely claims that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris support open borders. It also erroneously states that both candidates support taxpayer healthcare for undocumented immigrants. Neither is true, Biden and Harris support more lax immigration laws but not open borders. Also, Biden does support a public option for immigrant health services, but it is not taxpayer-subsidized. More false claims pepper the mailer, such as claiming Biden and Harris support paying reparations for slavery.

Of course, the mailer claims that Trump opposes all of these same policies, aiming to cast a bright light on the current president while using false information.

Although the Minnesota mailer isn't as bad, it does use charged up political language to evoke emotion. "Protect Minnesota from dangerous extremists" and "your vote will be the difference between broken extremism and Minnesota values" are some of the pitches contained in Common Sense Voters' pitch to the midwest state.