Polo G is fresh off the heels of releasing his No. 1 album Hall of Fame. The album debuted at the summit of the Billboard 200 chart, defying sales projections and debuting above MigosCulture III. Of course, it helped that he had hip-hop vets like Nicki Minaj on his side cheering him on. 

Elsewhere, Bobby Shmurda has seemingly been on a world tour since coming home from prison. The Brooklyn drill pioneer was arrested by NYPD back in 2014 and charged with numerous gang-related charges, pleading guilty and receiving a seven-year sentence. He came home early in February of this year, diving his head straight back into the game. The most recent person Shmurda has connected in the stu with is none other than Polo G himself.

The two posed together as they posted up inside of a studio. Bobby Shmurda has notably not released any new music since his release and Polo G just dropped his third studio album, which could perhaps mean all the famous names Bobby's been linking up with could appear on his first project out.

Previously, Bobby's connected with Meek Mill, Drake, Chris Brown, DaBaby, Lil Uzi Vert, and more. Whatever the 26-year-old is working on, it seems like it's going to be pretty spectacular. 

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