Among the young generation of rising rappers, Polo G has been steadily touted as one of the most promising his draft class has to offer. It's something he's acutely aware of, as it happens; why else would he preemptively name his debut album The GOAT, if not to showcase the extent of his confidence. Now, following his induction into the annals of XXL Freshman Class history, Polo G has moved to capitalize on the momentum and pick up where his previous album left off. 

Polo G Young Thug

Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

Now, he's decided to enlist the guiding hand of Young Thug, an artist that has become increasingly praised for his mentorship qualities. Case in point, you'd be hard-pressed to find an artist on his YSL roster who doesn't sing his praises as an OG. With that in mind, it's welcome to see Thugger taking an interest in Polo G, as together they'll likely make for quite the duo. And given how legendary Thug's work ethic is, it wouldn't be surprising to see them emerge from these studio sessions with an EP's worth of material -- at the very least.

"Inna Stu Locked in W Thugger," writes Polo G, on Twitter, prompting fans to respond with a whirlwind of approval. While it's unclear as to whether their collaborations are meant for Polo's next album or Thugger's, we'll be sure to keep you posted as the snippets and previews inevitably surface.