New York rapper Polo G added to the list of new music released, Friday, by dropping his new album, Hall of Fame, a follow-up to his sophomore effort, The GOAT. Fans reacted to the new project, which features DaBaby, Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, and more, on social media after its release.

Many had praise for the 20-track album, including DJ Scheme who simply said "Legendary all I gotta say," while posting the project to his Twitter.

One standout track from the album appears to be "For the Love of New York," which features Queens rapper, Nicki Minaj.

One fan tweeted: "Nicki Minaj & Polo G’s 'For the Love of NY' I didn’t know if id like it but I’m really in my feelings after a few listens. I love the song & now ima go cry because what !??? She really knows how to switch up the subject matter, dial back & tap into other energies."

Polo's girlfriend recently detailed how the rapper landed the legendary Minaj for the popular song.

Polo G, Hall of Fame
Larry French / Getty Images

Not all of the responses to Polo's Hall of Fame were positive. One fan compared Polo's performance to that of Paul George in the playoffs on the Clippers. "How good the new Polo G album is according to Twitter," the fan wrote with a picture of George on the Pacers, followed up by "how good 'Hall of Fame' actually is," with George on the Clippers.

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