Even in Youngboy Never Broke Again's absence from the rap game, his fans have remained as loud as ever on social media. It isn't uncommon to see fans of the Baton Rouge rapper posted up in any major hip-hop account's comments section, boasting to other fanbases that Youngboy is "better" than their respective favorites. They're likely one of the biggest troll bases on the internet and they'll do anything to promote the 21-year-old rapper's music. 

During a recent Polo G live stream on Instagram, the Chicago rapper celebrated his Hall Of Fame album release when a barrage of Youngboy trolls swarmed the comments with "ratio" remarks and "Youngboy better" nonsense. The rapper was confused about the action in his comments, remarking such and vocalizing his reaction.

Prince Williams/Getty Images

"YB better..." he said, quoting a comment he noticed on the screen. "Y'all come up with a whole new language, I swear to god. And I don't even be understanding that shit. That's not some shit I say on the day-to-day. I'm not finna talk to my homie and say 'ratio.' What the fuck do that even mean?"

Clearly, Polo G isn't in tune with meme culture. "Ratio" has been around for a few years with trolls antagonizing original posters and trying to stack up more likes or retweets than them, hence the ratio. As for the "YB better" comments, those are just passionate fans who will do anything to shout their love for the rapper from the rooftops.

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