It's officially Cancer season, everybody! We've passed the 2021 Summer Solstice and the most sensitive water sign will be celebrating birthdays all month, starting with Polo G's momager Stacia Mac, who is enjoying another year around the sun on Monday. 

It's been an amazing week for Polo G and his entire family. The Chicago rapper scored his first-ever #1 debut on the Billboard 200 with his new album Hall Of Fame, which features Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, and many more. The rapper's manager, his mother Stacia Mac, has worked hard to bring her son to new heights in his career, helping him make smart business moves to expand his portfolio. As she celebrates her birthday today, Stacia shared some sexy new pictures on Instagram, staging a photo shoot on the dinner table and looking like the real meal. 

"Type of heat that break thermometers," she wrote as her caption before wishing herself a happy birthday. 

This is exactly the type of content that has brought Stacia Mac her own level of fame over the last year. As she's shared more of her life with the world, people have been wowed by her natural beauty, pointing out on numerous occasions that Stacia looks more like Polo's sister, and less like his mother.

Check out her birthday photos below, as well as a few others from her page, to see what we're talking about. Happy birthday!