Every so often, a relative newcomer checks off all the boxes and finds themselves breaking into the mainstream with a vengeance. That time has arrived for Memphis rapper Pooh Shiesty, who has quickly emerged as a standout presence on Gucci Mane's 1017 roster. Following last week's release of his new project Shiesty Seasona tape that features Gucci Mane, Lil Durk, 21 Savage, Foogiano, and more, fans have been rallying behind the rapper's new release. 

So much so that Shiesty is reportedly looking at a major first-week on the sales front, with Akademiks reporting that he's looking at an approximated tally of sixty thousand. Though it's not quite enough to stack him up to the game's heavyweights, it's certainly a promising start, and one that may very well signal his ascension to the next level. For some context, Lil Durk's The Voice Deluxe recently secured eighty-six thousand, with some even predicting that Shiesty might be following a similar trajectory.

Considering the fact that he's still got up to four new mixtapes in the cut, Shiesty Season is likely only the beginning for Pooh Shiesty. Though he may be currently embroiled in a feud or two -- we can only hope cooler heads prevail on that front -- it's clear that the 1017 signee can make an impact on the mainstream front should he play his cards right. Congratulations to him and his team for an impressive first-week haul, and don't be surprised to see those numbers only rise in the future.