The new generation of rappers emerging probably don't recall the days of dial-up internet. Many of them grew up with social media apps at their fingertips, meaning that their past isn't too far to trace. Look at Jack Harlow, for example. He's arguably one of the hottest new artists this year following the success of 2020s That's What They All Say but many fans watched him get it from the ground up. Even old footage of Harlow rapping as a child emerged, only to become Kendrick Lamar's first liked tweet in over a year.

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

It appears that Pooh Shiesty is the latest victim of throwback footage coming to light. However, the latest footage actually proves he hasn't changed all that much. The rapper's seen smoking a blunt while his sister asks that he passes her wig. "This how you hit a n***a block," he says with the wig on his head and a blunt in his hand. The rapper keeps going until his mother demands that he stops joking around. "He look nice, though," his mom says before he rips the wig off his head with a face of disgust, replying, "Nah see."

In related news, Kodak Black and Pooh Shiesty finally squashed their beef in Miami and released their new collaboration, "Rip Stick" alongside Syko Bob. 

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