After releasing his debut mixtape Shiesty Season, Pooh Shiesty has been making the rounds at various different interviews to promote the project. Awkward interview moments are extremely common, especially with invasive interviewers. The "Black in Blood" artist grew annoyed with an interviewer after he was asked about Lil Durk and King Von

"I know you and Durk are super cool and like, he was going through so much especially like, losing King Von how'd that song go about and what has Durk taught you regarding being in the studio with him?" said the interviewer in the loaded question. "Oh, you talking bout Durk," Shiesty responded, slightly confused by the question. Nodding, the interviewer continued, "How was making that song?"

"What?" asked Shiesty, confused. The interviewer, equally confused, also responded with a "What?" before Shiesty asked, "What you say you said something about King Von?"

The interview then goes, "Yeah, I said with Durk losing Von around 'Back in Blood,' has he shown you how it is in the music industry going through highs and lows? 

Pausing for a moment, he shakes his head before saying, "I don't know man, next question, rest in peace King Von."

The awkward exchange prompted many to condemn the interviewer for asking such a salacious question. Others pointed out that the question was perfectly reasonable, and that Shiesty was just high in the video, causing him to not understand the question. 

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