Pooh Shiesty's brother, rapper Tee Da P, passed away last week following his reported battle with brain cancer. The buzzing Shiesty Season artist, who currently has one of the most popular hip-hop projects in the world, publicly mourned with the following statement.

"Still wondering where tf that sh*t come from," wrote Pooh on Instagram. "Ig we gotta go out that way we both survived bullets. That sh*t ain’t strong as us these p*ssies will never be able [to] take us out. You ain’t get killed or shot I’m going out [the] same way save my spot go find Treday first."

Drake sent his love to the rapper, who has been having a tough time processing his brother's passing. This week, Tee Da P was laid to rest in a private funeral service, from which Pooh shared pictures and another message. "We don't go in ground," said the "Back In Blood" rapper, posting a video of his brother's gold casket being placed inside of a mausoleum's wall. "I love you boy 100k to put you away Ik u would've did same."

While some are questioning why Pooh shared the price of his brother's funeral and casket, others are being more sensitive and sharing their condolences in the comments.

Rest in peace, Tee Da P.