1017 breakout star Pooh Shiesty has been enjoying a run at the top, fueled by the success of his Shiesty Season project -- which happens to feature one of the year's biggest anthems in "Back In Blood." With the Deluxe Edition having been released last week, Shiesty took a moment to catch up with Ebro Darden on Rap Life, where he proceeded to give flowers to the man who gave him a record deal. 

After Ebro notes that Gucci Mane has set a great blueprint for his younger artists, citing his ability to unite Atlanta talent, Shiesty takes the praise even further. "Not just Atlanta though," says Shiesty. "He gets no credit he really deserves. It might feel like he started something or put these artists on first but he really did way more behind the scenes that he don't want to be acknowledged. Dude a mastermind. To the point where I'm thinking this is his industry." 

Pooh Shiesty Gucci Mane

 Paras Griffin/Getty Images

"You can go watch somebody's interview about jewelry now, who they going to bring up," asks Shiesty, furthering his point. "Big Wop. He inspired them in some type of way." It's a testament to Gucci Mane's impact on his artists, who clearly value his appreciation, insight, and leadership; such loyalty is part of what has made 1017 Records one of the most exciting labels to watch right now. 

In addition to talking Guwop, the pair also discuss the G-Herbo-assisted "Switch It Up." "I switched it up a notch," explains Shiesty. "They thought I couldn't rap fast or whatever. Most people didn't expect G Herbo to be on it. I did a little trailer with a snippet before Herbo was on there. The whole world went crazy." Though some lamented that the original instrumental was replaced, the song was still received favorably. 

Check out Shiesty's full conversation with Ebro Darden below, and sound off if you agree that Gucci Mane deserves for credit for everything he's brought to the table.