During a recent club appearance, Pooh Shiesty made sure that his "Back In Blood" lyrics remained accurate by pushing away a security guard that was assigned to protect him. A video has been going viral, which shows the moment the 1017-affiliated rapper decided to go without his security inside the club.

In the hit record, Pooh Shiesty raps, "B*tch, I got my own fire/Don't need security inside the club." Not feeling interested in getting called out for capping, Pooh made sure to kindly ask his security to leave the vicinity while he performed the song during his latest pop-up. 

"Move back, move back," he can be heard saying directly after uttering the lyric. When the security guard seemingly didn't move enough, Pooh takes matters into his own hands and gently shoves him out of the way before continuing the performance.

This video comes on the same weekend that people called out Lil Durk for being spotted at the airport with security around him. While Pooh and Durk might not need security, their status as high-profile rappers warrants the presence of some muscle surrounding them at all times, ensuring that they remain safe. Hip-hop has experienced more deaths than usual in the last few years, with gun violence posing a huge threat to rising hip-hop stars. Pooh and Durk should not be shamed for using security. We want them to stay safe so they can keep making great music, right?

What do you think of the video of Pooh shooing away his security?