Thursday night's Verzuz likely left you in a state of confusion. Gucci Mane and Jeezy had not only made up after 15+ years of feuding but performed their collaborative single, "So Icy" for one of the first times. The afterparty went down at Compound and it seems like everything was copacetic that evening. 

The highlight of the evening was Gucci Mane's performance of "The Truth," a diss track aimed at Jeezy after the death of Pookie Loc, a CTE signee that had reportedly attempted to rob Gucci of his chain. "We smokin' on Pookie Loc tonight," a now-sober Gucci Mane declared after the performance of the song. 

Though Jeezy maintained his composure throughout, barely reacting to the diss track being performed right in front of him, the son of the late Pookie Loc revealed that his security is being compromised. Quint “Leftside” Ross revealed that he's received death threats. "I'm gettin' death threats and all," he wrote. "Let me get a new strap."

He provided receipts of the harassment, revealing a message from a stranger doubling down on Gucci's proclamation. "Damn homie you get any help from jeezy for sending your pops on a dummy mission," a message sent to Ross reads.

Most people acknowledged that Gucci Mane essentially only accepted the Verzuz to be blatantly disrespectful towards Jeezy, even if they buried the hatchet at the end of the night. 

"Boy that n***a disrespectful as and jeezy boy I'm upset with you cuzz," Ross said in reaction to Gucci's performance.