Like his overseas contemporary Funkmaster Flex, UK icon Charlie Sloth requires a simple form of sustenance: BARS. Luckily, there are still no shortage of emcees willing to provide for a man in need. Today, Pop Smoke stepped up to the plate, traveling from Brooklyn to London to hold it down with some Fire In The Booth. As is his way, Sloth plays the ideal hype-man, at once your best homie and biggest supporter. "Someone who got the streets on fire all over the world right now," he cries, dropping bomb after bomb. "Got the clubs moving mad! The parties moving reckless! He's on some takeover ting right now!"


When last we saw Pop Smoke dropping off some bars, he was channeling some peak G-Unit vibes circa 2003. This time, he's hopping on an explosive grime drop, up-tempo and relentless. He makes sure to switch his style appropriately, favoring brevity over flashy dexterity. Even when he kicks things up a notch, Smoke instinctively pulls back, revealing a notable sense of restraint. For the most part, his lyrics are generally means to an end, by no means the defining feature of the performance. It's his boundless energy that remains impressive, and some of his flows showcase the ear that made "Welcome To The Party" pop off in the first place. 

Despite seeming slightly off-balance over the more difficult first beat, Smoke redeems himself on the second, sounding far more at ease in stringing together his flow. Check it out for yourself below and sound off. Did Pop Smoke put in work on this one?