There are currently four suspects in police custody, two adults and two minors, in relation to Pop Smoke's murder. Over the past few months, many have wondered why it's been taking so long for the LAPD to apprehend the individuals responsible for killing the late Brooklyn rapper. Just days after the release of Shoot For The Stars Aim For The Moon, LAPD revealed that they had arrested the rapper's alleged killers.

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Per TMZ, the LAPD has revealed the reason why it took them months to finally capture the suspects in the case. Though many believed it could've been from tips, the detectives on the case ended up going door-to-door and hitting the murder scene for hints. Shortly after the rapper's death, it was revealed that the witnesses weren't willing to cooperate with authorities. This became a major issue that led the detectives into bringing it back to the essence of their job.

Police said they ended up getting videos from citizens and businesses in the surrounding area to find who the alleged killers were. Police said that people tied to L.A. gangs were involved in the rappers killing, though it wasn't a gang-related murder. Police said it was likely a robbery gone wrong after the culprits found Pop Smoke accidentally posted his address on IG.