Pop Smoke is well on the way to earning his first #1 album with Shoot For The Stars, Aim For The Moon but, as we all know, the moment is incredibly bittersweet. The Brooklyn rapper isn't with us to experience this special time in his career as, earlier this year, he was brutally killed during a home invasion in Los Angeles.

After months of inactivity in the case surrounding his death, it was finally revealed that five arrests were made in connection to the investigation -- two minors and three adults. Not long after the report began circulating, the names of the perpetrators were revealed, as well as their bail amounts.

The LAPD made a statement on Twitter, revealing the names of the men who broke into Pop's house and fired shots at the rapper.

"The three adult suspects are listed by name as—Suspect 1: Corey Walker, Suspect 2: Keandre D. Rodgers and Suspect 3: Jaquan Murphy," wrote the LAPD.

The two minors in the case were booked for murder, as well as two of the adults. Jaquan Murphy was booked for attempted murder. All of their bails have been set at $1,000,000.

Another recent report claims that Pop's killers most likely did not know him, finding his address from the post he shared on social media the day prior to his shooting.

Rest in peace, Pop Smoke.