Prior to his tragic passing, Pop Smoke was poised to enjoy a run as a budding hip-hop superstar. Fueled by the momentum of his Meet The Woo 2 album, a project that brought mainstream attention to the Brooklyn Drill movement, Pop Smoke was already making considerable noise at the age of twenty. Alas, his murder on February 19th, 2020, only days removed from the release of Meet The Woo 2, brought a premature end to his musical legacy.

In a bittersweet turn, Pop Smoke's memory was kept alive through the creation of Shoot For The Stars, Aim For The Moon, a posthumous project that brought 50 Cent on board as executive producer. Shortly after its release came the Deluxe Edition, which featured even more new Pop Smoke vocals -- a testament to the rapper's prolific nature in the studio. As it happens, Shoot For The Stars was only the tip of the iceberg, as Pop Smoke seemingly has enough leftover material to craft an entirely new album. 

Pop Smoke

 Joseph Okpako/WireImage/Getty Images

At least, according to the words of Pop Smoke's manager Rico Beats, who took to Instagram to tease an upcoming posthumous album. "I see and hear everything," he writes. "Kept it cool tho, no worries pay back around the corner. Pop Smoke new album loading."

Not much to go on, but proof that Pop Smoke fans will have something to look forward to, not that the masses have grown tired of Shoot For The Stars quite yet. In fact, the project has basically been a mainstay on the charts since its release, locking down an impressive tenth position on the Top 200 as of this writing. 

Check out Rico Beats' big reveal below, and keep an eye out for more news on Pop Smoke's upcoming posthumous album, whenever his team opts to kick off the rollout. Are you excited to see a new posthumous album from Pop Smoke?