There is a lot of talk surrounding Philadelphia-based rising rapper Popp Hunna, the artist behind the viral hit "Adderall (Corvette Corvette)". After Lil Uzi Vert co-signed the rapper and jumped on the remix to the song, as well as another track on his EP, the Eternal Atake superstar reportedly sent Popp a private message, asking to be removed entirely from his project because of allegations that have resurfaced against him.

Uzi says he "can't respect" what Popp Hunna did, referring to alleged paperwork that resurfaced, showing his cooperative conversation with the feds after he witnessed the murder of his friend. Many are calling Popp a "snitch", while others are defending him because of his young age at the time. Lil Tjay even chimed in to say that his age is not an excuse and that he should have known better.

Well, now Popp Hunna is responding to the drama with a since-deleted post on Instagram Stories, seemingly calling out the validity of the paperwork.

"Fake [papers]," he wrote on social media, using a newspaper emoji to either criticize the media coverage surrounding this situation, or the legitimacy of his own alleged federal papers.

This has the potential to derail Popp's career before it even starts. The hitmaker recently released his Mud Baby EP, but with Uzi's request to be taken off the project, the rapper has said that he's considering just retiring from rap. Do you think he should be forgiven?