North Philly rapper Pop Hunna left fans in a state of concern on Monday following an incredibly alarming Instagram Live stream. The rapper shared a post on his Instagram page that suggested he was contemplating self-harm. "20 years old wit no purpose in life,” he wrote on Monday. “Allah call me home. I’m ready. I gave it my all.”

Fans immediately expressed their concern over the post and an Instagram Live stream where he spoke on harming himself. During Instagram Live, he revealed his strained relationship with his father. "My dad was like, ‘I wish you weren’t even alive,'" Popp Hunna said before leaving the bathroom where he was filming and returning with a belt around his neck.

Popp Hunna's management team has since issued a response following the Instagram Live session where they asked for prayers and support for the rapper. "In regards to yesterday's live, we are asking for prayers and positivity right now for Popp Hunna," the message posted to the rapper's Instagram page reads. "If you have someone you love and care for who is dealing with suicidal thoughts don't overlook it get them help immediately!!!"

Pop Hunna became a viral sensation earlier this year following the success of his single, "Adderall (Corvette Corvette)" which became a TikTok hit before Lil Uzi Vert hopped on the remix.