The rapper remains a hot topic following his ongoing controversy, and Angelica Ross chimed in with a chance encounter she allegedly had with DaBaby. This last week has been a difficult one for the rising rapper as he is facing an onslaught of consequences for his homophobic remarks as well as his haphazard apologies that followed, and while some have stated that this is Cancel Culture at its worst, others have criticized DaBaby's responses, insisting that he has been his own worst enemy.

This subject has caused there to be a line drawn in the sand between detractors and supporters, and just when you think that we've heard enough of the DaBaby Drama, transgender actress Angelica Ross has tweeted about running into the rapper.

"Story time…I actually met DaB*by earlier this year," she said. "Flew home to ATL and had his gaze stuck on me as I walked towards him because he was standing next to my limo driver. He looked at the sign, then back at me, 'Miss Ross' he read aloud. I just laughed & left with my driver." People accused her of drumming up a story for attention, but Ross quickly clapped back.

"One thing folks know about ME…I don’t have to lie to kick it! I don’t make up stories unless I’m being paid to thru SAG-AFTRA for film & television," Ross quipped. A Twitter user questioned why she would share this story now. "It’s not what it says about him, but what it says about me and other trans women. We don’t ALL entertain these men & their nonsense. The universe was speaking to me. Had NOTHING to do with him. The moral of every story doesn’t center around y’all is the point."

She also defended herself from people who stated that DaBaby probably knew that she was trans. "Folk have been commenting under my IG photos saying 'you can tell it’s a dude, he wasn’t looking at her'…and that is ALSO the point. Choosing not to date trans women is one thing, denying your attraction to us is another. On my BUMMIEST day these dudes be thirsty for it."

Check out Angelica Ross's tweets, as well as a few reactions, below.

Angelica Ross, DaBaby