Saturday night, Post Malone and Starlito engaged in some Twitter beef, which all started over a picture of Post Malone & Allen Iverson chilling together. Afterward, XXL reached out to both parties to pick their brains about their brief war of words. Starlito claims that he never meant any malice, and that his original retweet of Post's picture was meant to be a joke. Check out what Starlito told XXL: 

"I thought it was a funny ass picture. 90% of my tweet, which was a quote of the original photo in the Post Malone tweet, was a re-caption of the picture. You know how people post pictures and they’re like, ‘Caption this.’ It was all a joke, but the inspiration for the joke was Allen Iverson’s facial expression. I looked at the picture, and I thought it was cool enough, regardless of how I feel about the song or Post Malone personally, I did think the picture was cool enough. It wasn’t malicious, it wasn’t personal, it wasn’t like, ‘Fuck Post Malone, I’m about to shit on Post Malone.’ It was more like… Allen Iverson really looks like he doesn’t want to take this picture.”

Regardless of Lito's intent, the criticism left Post feeling irritated and confused:

“I don’t even know where it came from. I know [Starlito] said some shit in HipHopDX, and that didn’t bother me. You’re entitled to an opinion and I don’t care if you don’t like me,” Post tells XXL. “But the whole issue is when I posted a picture of me and Allen, that bothered [Starlito] somehow, I guess. I don’t understand, because it made me happy or something? I don’t understand. I just don’t see how that fucks with anybody besides me and Allen. We’re tight, we’re cool. I met [Iverson], he loves the song, we talked about a remix with Jadakiss and I asked him who he wants on the remix and everything. And [Starlito] didn’t like that.”

Post even reached out to Bric, a mutual friend of both his and Lito's, asking "Why is your boy Starlito being a bitch?" It appears that Bric didn't feel the need to get involved, and for now, Starlito has yet to change his mind about "White Iverson" or Post in general. "To me, Post Malone is a character, he’s a caricature in music almost,” says Starlito. “I watched one interview or an interview and a half and I saw everything I needed to see to not pay any attention to him."

Perhaps this one needs to be settled on the courts. Starlito has issued a challenge to Post, stating “It’ll be water under the bridge if he plays me in basketball one-on-one.”

[via xxl]