Post Malone had a couple of close calls recently. The artist's car was totaled during an accident this week. The near-death experience had Post Malone joking about God hating him, despite his survival. Thankfully, he escaped the situation virtually unscathed and as healthy as ever. The rapper is now happy to be riding a new whip.

Post got himself a sleek new car that he considers to be a step up from the one he lost in the accident. He describes his latest purchase as "a bigger one, a funner one," in comparison. The specs of his fresh Rolls Royce weren't revealed, but Posty seems generally pleased.

The entertainer was also asked about his views on drug abuse. In his opinion, there should be no real distinction between how addiction is perceived regardless of the struggling person's celebrity or lack thereof. 

"I think everyone goes through shit, man. You know, everybody goes through their own shit. Different people handling it in different ways. Just need people to be there and have their f*cking back."

This question was posed in the context of Mac Miller's recent death. Post Malone had already commented on the "sweet guy," calling him an inspiration.