If there is one thing that Hip-Hop artists can bond over, it’s their fascination with conspiracy theories. From theories that the Earth is actually flat to speculation that public figures are secretly members of the Illuminati, there is plenty of conspiracy cannon fodder to wade through. This month alone, there have been reports on Ab-Soul’s potential spying conspiracy and Machine Gun Kelly’s UFO sighting, and now Post Malone has joined the party as well.

In a virtual interview with Seth Meyers, Posty touched on a wide array of topics, from his newfound peace in Utah to getting a Kansas City Chiefs tattoo after losing a bet with a friend. When Meyers jokes about the Hollywood’s Bleeding artist building an alleged bunker, the conversation quickly switches gears, and Post ends up sharing different standpoints on a variety of conspiracy theories.

Having starring in an episode of Ghost Adventures back in 2018, Malone quickly reaffirms his belief in ghosts before launching into an anecdote about a string of bad luck that resulted from his encounter with a cursed object at Zak Bagans’ Haunted Museum in Las Vegas.

“After we opened up this creepy Dybbuk box, I got in a car accident, I almost had a plane wreck, my house got broken into—all that type of stuff. Within a month’s time, it was really, really odd stuff,” he said. 

Post continues talking about the inexplicable things that he has experienced over the years, eventually landing on the topic of aliens. Admitting that he believes that he has seen a UFO, the artist said, “Here in Utah, things are creepy if you look up into the sky. Sometimes I just go out at like 4 a.m. with night vision goggles and just look up at the sky and see if we can see anything.”

Throughout the entire interview, Post Malone appears playful and in good spirits, so it’s unclear how much stock he has in these conspiracy theories. The “Circles” artist is gearing up to give fans some “special things” this year, so be on the lookout for more Post Malone-related news.