Post Malone is a pretty talented individual when it comes to the world of music. Of course, this is something we have seen through his hit singles and chart-topping albums. When you reach the same level of success as Post Malone, you become recognized on a global stage. When some of the biggest artists achieve superstardom in music, they look elsewhere to ease their desire for artistic expression. As it turns out, film is something Malone is interested in. Thanks to Mark Wahlberg's new Netflix movie Spenser Confidential, Malone will get to see what movies are like, first hand.

Yes, that's right, Malone will have a small role as a prison inmate in the film. The trailer for the film was released today and Malone is front and center. As you can see, he has quite a few interactions with Wahlberg and it appears as though he'll get quite a bit of screen time. 

Fans of the Hollywood Is Bleeding artist will certainly be looking forward to this cameo. For now, Spenser Confidential is slated to come out on March 6th, 2020 through Netflix.

Let us know what you thought of the trailer and whether or not you plan on catching the film when it comes out later this year.