Post Malone is a man who loves what he loves. Despite having dedicated his life to pursuing success in the music industry, he's still managed to find time to nurse his unquenchable thirst for Magic: The Gathering. In fact, Posty recently took some time off album work to go hunting for a few rare cards, hitting up the Frank & Son Collectible Show shop in California with the intention of dropping bills. My, how far he has come. 

As expected, word of Posty's search for Magic: The Gathering quickly spread, and before long his many fans were participating in a magical gathering of their own. TMZ has shared footage of Posty's excursion, reporting that the singer went on to spend thousands of dollars on cards. In addition to the spending spree, which likely bolstered his deck significantly come tournament time, Post took a moment to engage with his adoring public by signing autographs.

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images 

It's unclear as to whether or not Posty actively plays Magic: The Gathering or simply collects, but it's evident that his passion for the Wizards Of The Coast card game runs deep. Recall that he previously donned a Magic-themed button-up during an appearance on Late Night With Seth Myers, so there's no denying that this particular love affair runs deep. One has to wonder if we'll see Post Malone participating in any Magic: The Gathering tournaments once the world opens back up, as is it's like his rare new acquisitions would be the talk of the town.

Check out images of Post Malone's excursion to cop some elusive Magic: The Gathering cards, which in turn sparked a frenzy of excited fans to bask in his presence, below. For more from Posty, keep an eye out for more news on his upcoming two albums, both of which may very well drop this year.