There are those who choose to eat homecooked meals on a daily basis and then there are people who order in for literally every meal. With services like Uber Eats and Postmates, it's become much easier to enjoy some delicious grub from the comfort of your own home. It's also gotten easier to form bad habits and order too much delivery, something that Post Malone apparently knows all too well. 

Postmates decided to outline just how much their favorite customer spends on a regular basis as Post Malone is almost always on the road. It can be difficult to enjoy the benefits of a home-cooked meal when touring or in the studio so it's no surprise to see that Posty spends a decent amount of money on delivery services. However, for anybody to spend upwards of $40K in a year on delivery is absurd.

On Medium's "The Receipt" series, a rundown was given on how Post managed to spend $40K on Postmates in a 400-day time period. Between a 50+ city tour, studio sessions, and parties, Post's favorite merchant happened to be Popeyes, which is just one of the chicken spots he regularly orders from. The man once tipped his Postmates driver with the then-unreleased beerbongs & bentleys, which was a generous offering considering his unusual requests on the app. In the past, Malone has asked for "SOOOO much teriyaki sauce on the side please! And lots of soy sauce!" from Panda Express and the most expensive chess board available at Target.

If you're not interested in hearing about Post Malone's Postmates bills, you can check out his latest single with Swae Lee here. For those wanting to read more, check out the full piece here.