Post Malone is one of the few artists that commands the world's attention whenever he drops a new single. He's managed to brand himself as a total crossover star, appealing to fans of all genres. He's made songs that clearly fit inside the world of hip-hop while also seamlessly transitioning over to pop, rock, and even country. This week, he had teased the arrival of his latest track "Circles," hinting that a possible release was on the way. With today being New Music Friday, his fans were expecting the single to pop up on streaming when they woke up this morning but alas, it was nowhere to be found. Now, his social media is blowing up with people who just want to know what's going on.

Posty is undoubtedly a busy man these days. He's been touring the world and, at the same time, recording new music for his next album. "Circles" was expected to follow-up his single with Young Thug and, although it will be arriving soon, it's still not readily available for us to consume. Fans aren't necessarily angry about the non-release but they have been speaking their minds online, begging the recording artist to come through and drop it imminently.

Maybe we'll get lucky next week. There's also still the possibility that there were some issues on the distribution end so maybe we'll be hearing it later today. Keep your eyes peeled!