Post Malone is having himself quite the year, releasing his beerbongs & bentleys album and riding that wave for much of this year. As usual, b&b helped Post release his yearly quota of hits and his next project is sure to guide him in the same direction. It was rumored that he would feature on Lil Wayne's Tha Carter V but upon its release, it became evident that his section was left out. The most suitable song for Malone's style is likely "What About Me," which features Sosamann. While he didn't end up on the song, one of the tracks he's already made into an incredible success just got the meme treatment in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4's ad campaign.

The new COD is set for release later this month and in order to generate hype, they figured they would enlist a hype machine in Post Malone. Already a living meme with his "always tired" face tattoos, Post is portrayed in the latest Call of Duty advertisement. The creators shared a fan-made edit of some gameplay, adding Post's face on top of a moving character and dubbing in some mock lyrics to his hit song "Rockstar." The lyrics are reimagined to include scenes you can view in the game as the singer lies by the beach saying, "Making friends with the crabs, man just call me a crustacean."

Usually, the use of something like this to advertise a video game can be pretty cringe-worthy but somehow, they seemed to pull it off. In fact, it's pretty funny. Watch the new campaign below.