Post Malone is definitely one of the most extravagant characters in hip-hop today. While he chooses not to engage in much of the dramatic rap beef that has become common on social media today, he does comment on daily happenings on an intermittent basis. With his star power growing after dropping one of the most successful albums of the year in beerbongs & bentleys, the recording artist continues to add more facial ink in his goal to piss off his mother.

Post has always had a grungy aesthetic, striving while looking like he hasn't showered in a week. While many people assume he smells like a mix of cigarettes, beer and sweat from the way he presents himself, the same critics have probably never been up close to him. Those who do want Malone to get a makeover resorted to practically begging the "Queer Eye" cast to spruce up his look and the demand was so apparent that one of the show's personalities actually asked what was going on. Post replied directly to Karamo Brown with the reason why everyone seems to want him on the show and his answer was as self-aware as it gets.

The "Rockstar" singer wrote, "they just think I'm ugly and smell lol," before explaining that he didn't request an appearance on the program despite being a fan. "Love the show tho guys, keep crushing it," ended Posty. Who are we to judge when Post is making bank and living his best life looking the way he does. If he's happy, we're happy. Keep doing you, Post.